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Seperation from our neighbors :/

Unfortunately  due to a conflict in ethics and interest we have decided to move The Yiff Factory’s region away from its soon former neighbors. I have to consider what is best for TYF and...


Help Wanted! (Events/DJ’s)

We are currently accepting applications for DJ’s and Events organizers.   I will add more security as needed thank you anyhow :3 Please follow the in world instructions on how to apply as a DJ....


Holiday Decorations!

Well, We’ve got the club all decorated for the holiday season and it looks great!  If you would like to add anything just let me know and we can arrange it (within reason please).


TYF Site Online

So we are getting there in time the webpage is now online and i am working on it slowly


DJ’s Wanted

Have you got what it takes? Apply now using the link above!


Private Room’s

RaithSphere, Werewolf and Rottie have build a private room each. These are open to the public and available for use!


Lag and you

Coming soon, a small guide on how to reduce your avatar’s script counts and lower lag.